“Our journey together is built on trust, integrity and laughs along the way”

We are a solution based lending team with a strong desire to fulfill your dreams and grow your wealth. We love it with a passion – so you don’t need to!

Award winning Professionals
First and foremost we know what we are doing. With our extensive experience in the industry and awards for our efforts, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of true award winning professionals.
Over 30 years of experience
This kind of experience is hard to beat and is something you can count on when it comes to something as important as your finances. We understand how important it is and that’s why you can be sure we take our job very seriously.
A whole new experience - making finances fun!
If you thought that dealing with money was tedious boring or just plain confusing then think again; When you deal with us you will find it will be a whole new experience than what you have had before. You will just love our relaxed and open communication and uniquely good humoured approach.
We demystify the finance process so you understand exactly where your money is going
We are not interested in technical jargon and sounding clever at your expense. We prefer to explain it as it is so that you understand exactly what we are doing and know where your money is going. Our down to earth straight talk means we demystify the finance process - and that makes all the difference.
Real practical advice you can rely on with no hidden agendas
In the past you may have had the misfortune to deal with a ‘professional’ who tried to steer you in a certain direction for their benefit. We guarantee you no hidden agendas, no vested interest on where you should invest your precious hard earned money. Just real practical advice in plain language.
It’s all about YOU and what YOU want
Above all, you will be glad to know it's all about YOU and what YOU want, not about what we want and we believe that’s how it should be. We can only advise you - in the end its totally your decision.

We love to laugh with you

While we take your finances very seriously we can’t say the same for ourselves! We love to laugh with you and we thrive on making your experience FUN while you take your financial situation to a whole new level .
You will find that we have every aspect covered - we have a wide network of people for every kind of situation at our fingertips.
We love to see our clients reach their goals and go beyond what they thought was possible. Often that means stepping outside of your comfort zone and stretching you further to help you get to better goals and really go for them. In every case it's your decision and we always talk it through first. It's your finances so you are always in charge. Think of us as your greatest cheerleader on the sidelines and also your best player on the team in the field and out there making it happen for you.
We know our job is done when you are over the moon with the results and have had a great time along the way. Isn’t that what you want from a good finance broker?
So what are you waiting for?

Call Lee today on 0410 684 738!

Or simply drop us an email at lee@howpropertyloans.com.au and we will be glad to answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon and making your financial experience fruitful and fun!